REFUGE: A YOUNG Adult ministry

Join Us Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
Ages 18 - 28

Cornerstone Church has had a huge passion for the young adults in our community ever since we began praying about this ministry is 2010. For a whole year leadership prayed, planned, and sought counsel on how we could best reach an unreached demographic. Refuge was launched in 2011. Refuge meets every Tuesday night from September through May. Refuge begins at 7PM with snacks and fellowship, then moves to a time of praise and worship at 7:30 with a full band, and then continues with expositional teaching from God's Word at 8PM. Often, we offer small groups concluding the message depending on the topic or text. If you are a recent high school grad, college student, military, or simply a young single or couple (with or without kids), Refuge is the place for you! It is a GREAT place to meet other young adults, build Christ-centered relationships, get plugged into a church body, and grow in your faith. We hope to see you there!

                PLEASE NOTE: Refuge is currently not being offered due to Covid-19

Holy Exiles

Young Adults are invited to join us as we study 1 Peter verse by verse and learn how we are Holy Exiles - Hoping in the Glory to be Revealed.


Our most recent year of Refuge (2017-2018) went through a series called Transformed. This was one of our most ambitious years of Refuge so far. We began by posing the question "is the Bible reliable?" We looked at the reliability of the Old Testament and the New Testament. We talked about why we reject the Apocrypha. Were discussed how the manuscripts were copied, and we discussed the question of inerrancy and infallibility with the Bible. We discussed the topic of how the New Testament books were chosen, or rather were they actually chosen? Then we looked at how God preserved His Word, and His Church, during the patristic period, through the Middle Ages, and all the way through the Reformation. We discussed Sola Scriptura and other aspects of the Reformation.

After we concluded this part of our year we knew that we had more confidence in the Word of God and it's reliability but we acknowledged that there are plenty of people who believe these facts and statistics (including leading atheists of our day) but yet still reject the message of the Bible and reject Christ. Therefore, since Biblical saving faith doesn't come from this type of apologetic, where does it come from? We then looked at 2 Corinthians 3-6 and discussed what Biblical faith is, where it comes from, how it changes everything about how we live, and what will hinder our faith. 

After that we asked ourselves a very important question.. if the Bible is reliable, and if God has opened my eyes to the truth of the gospel and graciously given me faith, and if He then calls me to live obediently by His Word, then is the Bible sufficient for all of life? Do I need to go to the Bible for everything? Does it cover every aspect of how I should live? Spend money? Seek relationships? Eat and drink? etc. 

The answer of course, is yes!

So we then began in the Spring by talking about cultivating a worldview. We looked at topics like abortion, homosexuality, marriage and divorce, dating, time, money, entertainment, racism, patriotism, work and vocation, creation, and many other topics. We asked ourselves each week: what does the world say? What does the Bible say? How should we live? How should we expose darkness, be a minister of reconciliation, and an ambassador for Christ.

Our entire year's worth of messages are online for you to listen to and grow in your faith and confidence. We hope you will utilize these resources and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You can listen to these messages by clicking here.